At Iron Wing Ranch, you'll find many activities and services for friends, family, children, and adults alike!


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Iron Wing Ranch offers ‘Days at the Ranch’ to youths and/or adults on days that are available (not during regularly scheduled events) such as school holidays, snow days or national holidays. Activities may include trail rides, grooming & feeding, stall cleaning, fun horse games in arena, tack cleaning and other “horse” related activities based upon group skill & weather. 


  • $77 per day (as scheduled) from 9 am - 3 pm  (or 8am - 2 pm in summer) 

  • Individual ‘Days at the Ranch’ offered during summer months as available

    (based on Summer Camp schedule or openings for a day).

  • a non-refundable deposit required by the day before $50 







  •  $50, 2-hour Lesson - Youth or Adult

       4-6 Riders per class


  Scheduled weekly (as openings availble)




Private lessons are scheduled according to instructor availability.


   •  $60, 1-hour lesson  (youth or adult)

   •  $60,  1-hour private barrel/pole

       bending lesson  (youth or adult)


• Group Trail Ride

     - $55 per person, 2-hour ride

     - non-refundable deposit required

     - Minimum 4 riders or riders can join  

       another group


• Sunset or Moonrise Ride

     - $77 per person, 2-hour ride

     - non-refundable deposit required

     - Minimum 2 riders or riders can join

       another group


• Couples or ‘Special Occasion’ Ride

     - $177 per couple, 2-hour ride and a

       1-hour private interlude at   

       romantic/meditative spot

     - non-refundable deposit required

     - Includes a special beverage/cheese



• Little Riders

Great for first time riders or birthdays!

     - ½-hour Little Riders Session in arena

     - $50  for 2-3 riders $100 for 4-6 riders

     - non-refundable deposit required


• Birthday Rides

     A three hour time slot with 4-6 horses will be employed (based on number of riders) for a Birthday Group Trail Ride which will be followed by use of our woods, cottage, or gazebo for your personal party. Food & party supplies are not included.

     - non-refundable deposit required


$25 Special photo CD available for any of these occasions if ordered ahead of time -




Schedule Weekly (as openings available)

     •  1-hour Group Therapeutic Session

     •  1 - Hour Private Therapeutic Session

                 (Private sessions scheduled as available) 

Volunteers needed for this wonderful program!

Contact us to get more information about volunteering for these individuals!

Volunteers would:

     • Prepare horses before therapy sessions

     • Help walk/lead during therapy

     • Put horses back to rest after therapy








Our Stallion, Cinco, is a beautiful Chestnut with four white stockings and a blaze face. Cinco is gentle and has a great disposition - we have even ridden him in Jefferson City and Holts Summit parades several times!


•$300 - Breeding Fee

•$150 deposit required

•$5.00 per day Mare care additional charge. Estimated stay is 7 - 10 days depending on Mare. This charge includes hay/water. If you have grain or supplements to give your mare, IWR staff will feed, but the owner must provide.


Cinco Dee Bar resgistration  number: 4332140


Dr. Marc Ferrin has been a chiropractor for over ten years and he is certified in Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation. He has adjusted thousands of patients including alpacas, dogs, cats, horses... and even elephants! He often says, "If one has a spine, it should be aligned!"


We at Iron Wing Ranch believe that the animals we have been blessed with caring for deserve attention, love, appreciation and kindness.  Each dog, cat, quail and horse on the ranch has been regularly adjusted and all need care, from birth onward.


Dr. Ferrin schedules one day per month to adjust horses at our barn. We always bring a veterinarian out on that day as well, in case there is a need for medical intervention. If you wish to schedule an adjustment for your horse (or any other animal), just give us a call or send us an e-mail!


Dr. Marc A. Ferrin

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